Soldiers Voted As Being The ‘Sexiest’ In The Armed Forces According To New Poll

During a recent deployment to America, our highly trained and equally-as-motivated morale officers, whilst having a few drinks in a local strip joint, asked some of the dancers who, out of the armed forces, they thought was the sexiest.

Out of the 7 dancers asked, 6 said (in the confines of a private booth) ‘soldiers’ whilst 1 said ‘sailors’.

Unfortunately, none of the staff members quizzed mentioned anything about the air force – but that could have just been because our morale officers run out of dancers to ask.

This highly scientific snap-poll will come as welcome news for soldiers who spend many hours tinting their eyebrows, getting massive down the gym and applying cans of spray tan in between scoff.

Indeed, many in the armed forces have long-suspected this ‘fact’ to be true but now that our morale officers have carried out an official poll, soldiers can have the results tattooed onto their adonis-like physiques.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Around the world, soldiers have always assumed that they are the most appealing when it comes to trying to attract partners.

“And clearly, it would appear that they were right all along.

“Whilst this poll did not actually poll a large group of people, it does seem that, amongst ‘dancing’ venues at least, then soldiers are seen as being the most appealing out of the various services within the armed forces.

“We would urge any soldiers reading this not to let the results of this poll go to their heads, as it will only lead to more fighting with civvies when out on the lash.

“Whilst we know that a soldier can steal a man’s woman from under their noses, we would urge soldiers not to become even more ruthless when out on the pull.”

The Ministry of Morale is committed to try and increase the morale of all citizens both inside and outside of the public sector, from all over the world. 

If you have experienced a sudden and unexpected drop in morale, for whatever reason, and you would like to make us aware of what has happened, then you are encouraged to make a short video of the ‘morale failure’ and send it into us via our facebook page (see below).

The video might then be shared with the general public in order to bring awareness to the issue that has led to the morale failure. 

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