WATCH: Maybe The Weirdest Thing You Will See On The Internet Today?

Not only does the Ministry of Morale have morale agents based all around the world, but we also have a morale department for animals too.

Therefore, our attention was drawn to the video below that appears to show model plane enthusiasts taking it upon themselves to ‘air drop’ cockerels into the countryside.

Whilst the video may be funny to some, it seems obvious that the morale of the cockerel has been well-and-truly overlooked on this occasion.

Of particular concern, is the fact that the parachute attached to the cockerel seems to not be big enough for the freaked out bird, meaning that the poor bird had a rapid descent back down to earth.

Our Head of Animal Morale said:

“Unfortunately, none of our morale agents can decipher the message that is written on the banner that is being towed behind the model plane, so we have no context in relation to just why the cockerel was air-dropped. 

“However, it is fairly clear to us that the cockerel did not consent to being packed into the model airplane and it is also fairly clear that the cockerel did not consent to being air-dropped from the aircraft. 

“As you will see from the video below, the cockerel is clearly pi**sed off at having been used as a publicity stunt by these model plane enthusiasts which is why it can be seen running around ready to peck someones eyes out. 

“The Ministry of Morale is currently assessing intelligence in order to determine if this could be the pre-cursor to a cock invasion. 

“As ever, we will keep you posted”. 

The Ministry of Morale is committed to try and increase the morale of all citizens both inside and outside of the public sector, from all over the world. 

If you have experienced a sudden and unexpected drop in morale, for whatever reason, and you would like to make us aware of what has happened, then you are encouraged to make a short video of the ‘morale failure’ and send it into us via our facebook page (see below). 

The video might then be shared with the general public in order to bring awareness to the issue that has led to the morale failure. 

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