Cells Could Start Appearing On ‘Air BnB’

Making money whilst banged up is hard work, especially if you are not into drugs, buying and selling mobile phones or making moonshine.

However, our morale informers who are embedded within the prison population (voluntarily) have informed us that some inmates are thinking about renting out their rooms on the popular accommodation app ‘Air BnB’.

Inmates have been talking about putting their ‘rooms’ up for rent for up to £250 PER DAY to any member of the public who wants to experience ‘solitude’ and ‘privacy’.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“It would appear that some inmates with an entrepreneurial flare have taken measures to try and list their ‘rooms’ on Air BnB. 

“Some of the descriptions for the ‘rooms’ include ‘sea view’ and ‘en suite facilities’ with ‘room service’ also being mentioned as one of the many reasons as to why you should book one of these rooms. 

“The rooms are also being offered as a way of escaping BREXIT with a note being written about how, if anyone talks about BREXIT, then they are liable to end up tied up in some bedsheets. 

“Other inmates have mentioned that they might describe their cells as ‘being part of a ‘gated community’ with access to and from the accommodation being ‘strictly controlled’ and ‘closely monitored’. 

“Some other descriptions have included the fact that ‘time management’ classes are being offered free of charge, with vegan meals being on the menu each night (as even the meat is meat-free). 

“It would also appear that inmates are making use of the fact that bread is ‘gluten free’ as the bread contains nothing but yeast and dust. 

“We would therefore urge anyone who is thinking about booking one of these cells to think twice before making your booking and to ensure that you have an exit strategy if you do go ahead and book one of these ‘rooms”. 

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The Ministry of Morale is committed to try and increase the morale of all citizens both inside and outside of the public sector, from all over the world. 

If you have experienced a sudden and unexpected drop in morale, for whatever reason, and you would like to make us aware of what has happened, then you are encouraged to make a short video of the ‘morale failure’ and send it into us via our facebook page (see below). 

The video might then be shared with the general public in order to bring awareness to the issue that has led to the morale failure.


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