Protester Tries To ‘Rub Out’ Police Officer With Giant Pencil

An angry protestor has been spotted armed with a giant pencil trying to ‘rub out’ a police officer during some demonstrations regarding the lack of morale in society.

The Ministry of Morale is pleased to report that no officers were rubbed out during the encounter and that the protestor was given a massive pencil case to put his oversized pencil back into. 

Our Morale Agents on the ground confirmed that the male who was armed with the giant pencil genuinely thought that the huge rubber could be used to ‘rub out’ his fellow humans. 

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We would urge citizens to remember that giant rubbers cannot be used to rub out people who might be preventing you from breaking the law. 

“Our Morale Coordination Centre has noticed an increase in the use of giant pencils in what has become a worrying trend. 

“We have no idea as to where these giant pencils are coming from, how many trees are being chopped down to make them, or where they are being made. 

“Our advice to citizens is don’t break the law, and then you won’t need to walk around with a giant pencil/rubber looking for people to ‘rub out’. 

“Thankfully, our morale agents had giant pencil cases on hand, so the protester was given a cuddle, a glass of warm almond milk and a biscuit before being sent on his way”. 

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