New Selfie Cubicle For People Who Love A Toilet Selfie

The Ministry of Morale is pleased to inform its citizens that we have now introduced a selfie cubicle in most public toilets so that anyone who is obsessed with taking a picture of themselves in the toilet, can now do so in private.

The strange phenomenon of taking selfies in the toilet has often meant that unsuspecting citizens have been caught in photos having just emerged from the toilet, red-faced and clammy. 

This can often cause a morale failure in the victim who finds their picture being posted on social media after having had a particularly strenuous dump. 

But these cubicles, which have been fitted with wall-to-wall mirrors, will mean that people can take selfies in club/pub toilets without anyone else getting in the shot. 

Talking about the announcement, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Our survey has found that it is mostly citizens of the female variety who like nothing more than to pout and pose in the toilet before capturing the moment via a selfie. 

“But unsuspecting citizens who have just emerged from the toilet often get caught in these photos, which causes an almost immediate morale failure when they realise that their post-poop picture will be plastered all over social media. 

“These selfie cubicles will mean that citizens wanting to take a pic of themselves while in the toilet can do so without anyone else being caught up in the impromptu photoshoot”. 

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