Drones To Be Decorated With Medals After Successful Campaigns

The Ministry of Morale can confirm that UAVs (commonly referred to by civilians as ‘drones’) will now be decorated with medals after a successful mission. 

The decision has been made following some recent sorties which have been carried out by drones. 

Ordinarily, a drone would not get any medal/ribbon following a successful mission, but combat dogs and dolphins do. Therefore, this decision has been made to make sure that all assets which are sent into combat get medals. 

The first ever drone to be awarded with a medal

This is regardless of whether they are a machine, dog or big fish. 

A morale agent from our USA field office was lucky enough to be in the room when President Trump awarded a drone with its first ever medal. 

Talking about the occasion, the field agent said:

“It is about time that drones/UAVs were awarded with combat medals because they have feelings too. 

“We have seen it before where drones return from missions only for their human operators to get all of the credit for a successful sortie. 

“But now, the drones which carry out successful missions will be officially recognised for their work with the presentation of a medal. 

“We can also confirm that when they are retired from service, then their on-going maintenance will be paid for by the Government and they will be entitled to enjoy their retirement by flying around and doing pretty much whatever they want”. 

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