Girls Lost At Sea For 26 Days Kept Afloat By Massive Lip Fillers

Two girls have been rescued after being adrift in the North Sea for 28 days after falling over the side of a ferry that was bound for France. 

Despite having no lifejackets, the duo managed to stay afloat owing to their massive lip fillers which acted as buoyancy aids for the seafaring friends. 

A vast search had been conducted in the area where the girls were believed to have fallen over the side of the ship, but rescuers had almost given up hope of finding the pair. 

But during a routine passover, astronauts aboard the International Space Station spotted what they thought were four massive red rubber dingies floating in the sea. 

A rescue chopper and lifeboat were immediately sent to the area, and rescue crews found the two girls bobbing around with their huge lips preventing them from sinking. 

Talking about the incident, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Here at the Ministry of Morale, we have always wondered why citizens decide to have massive lip fillers; but now we know why. 

“It is obvious now that citizens decide to have these massive lip fillers because they want to make sure that they can stay afloat should they find themselves adrift at sea. 

“If it weren’t for the lip fillers, then these two nautical nomads probably would have sunk after a few days. 

“It’s also important to paint your lip fillers with a bright red or bright orange lipstick so you can clearly be seen from space”.

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