Why You Don’t ‘Have’ To Wear A Poppy, But It Would Be Nice If You Did

Our morale algorithms have been detecting that there has been quite a bit of ‘chatter’ on the interweb recently about people being “forced” to wear poppies for remembrance day.

Just to clarify, if you do not want to wear a poppy, then you dont have to. But it would be nice if you did wear one, and here’s why:

It is fairly obvious that the majority of politicians are not really that interested in looking after our veterans. Whilst yes, there are some politicians who are keen to make sure that our veterans are looked after, the vast majority of them don’t really care.

Take, for example, a Falklands war Veteran called ‘Gus’.

‘Gus’ is starving himself & sleeping rough in Newport, Shropshire in protest at the closure of a mental health care facility for veterans suffering from combat PTSD

You may see politicians laying wreaths at remembrance parades but keep in mind that they would probably rather being doing something else and that they are laying them because they are expected to.

Of course, armed forces personnel don’t fight in wars waged by politicians in order to please the politicians.

They fight, because they want to protect their brothers and sisters in arms who have also been sent to fight alongside them.

So, each time a Veteran see’s someone wearing a poppy, it just shows that you care. It shows that you have ‘remembered’ the sacrifices which have been made in order to try and keep you safe.

And that is why you don’t ‘have’ to wear a poppy, but it would be nice if you did.

You may hear some individuals talking in the media about how its ‘time to move on’.

Well, the individuals who spin this yarn probably do not have the courage and bravery needed in order to join the armed forces in the first place.

So they will never know what it’s like to be sent to a war zone and thus they have no capability of making an emotional connection to the bravest of the brave; the men and women who never made it home.

Hopefully this short piece will ensure that morale is once again restored between the veteran community and the general public.

As you were……

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