Builder Who Asked Apprentice To Order A Ton Of ‘Hard Core’ Gets Unpleasant Suprise

A builder who asked his apprentice to order a ton of ‘hard core’ from the internet got an unwelcome surprise when a ton of ‘hardcore’ adult magazines turned up at his industrial unit. 

Having been given the instruction, the keen apprentice immediately spent the next 60 minutes ordering back-issues of various adult magazines for his boss. 

Eager to please, the apprentice ensured that various categories of ‘hard core’ were ordered from multiple websites.

However, it did not occur to the apprentice that his boss was actually asking for ‘hard core’ gravel rather than hardcore adult magazines. 

Talking to the Ministry of Morale, the builder said:

“WTF am I supposed to do with a ton of adult magazines? Blokes don’t even bang one out anymore to magazines – its all internet-based. 

“This means I can’t even sell the magazines to the lads. The only thing I can do with the shipment is to use the magazines as fuel for my tiny fire pit. I will get at least ten years’ worth of fuel.

“But where am I supposed to store it all? My Mrs is going to think that I am a proper deviant. Some of the titles of the magazines are just wrong. 

“The apprentice has been reprimanded and has been told that he has to go around to everyone on the industrial estate who saw the shipment being dropped off and tell them that it was a mistake. 

“There is a beauty salon supplier right opposite us; f**k knows what the girls who work there thought when they saw a ton of adult magazines being delivered to our unit. 

“I can’t look at them in the face anymore. They think that I am a proper pervert.

“We are going to get a reputation on the industrial estate for being vintage adult magazine dealers. That’s just not what we are about.” 

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