Christmas Decorations Which Ruined Christmas

As citizens start to prepare to adorn their houses with fairy lights and other festive decorations, the Ministry of Morale is reminding citizens to make sure that their decorations comply with the relevant law.

Last year, the Ministry of Morale was inundated with complaints from citizens who had experienced morale failures after turning up to their relatives’ house only to find that some of the decorations resembled the private parts of citizens.

We are not sure if the rude decorations were intentional or not, but we do know that they caused a massive flop.

Revellers at this party experienced a flop

Citizens who are continually battling with rude or erotic thoughts are 15 times more likely to subconsciously make decorations which look like man or lady parts.

So if you intend on spending Christmas with someone who fits this description, then you are being advised to take extra precautions this year.

These decorations have been described as ‘pants’ by citizens

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Our morale analysts have been studying the images which have been sent into us in great detail.

“It would appear that some of them were an accident.

These were found last year at Grandma’s dining table

“However, 99.9% of them appear to be intentionally, which is a worry for our team of morale agents as this means that some citizens are deliberately trying to scupper other peoples festive celebrations.

“Some of the decorations have also been made or adapted to look like rude things are happening when, in fact, the citizens who purchased them don’t have any experience of the rude acts which are being depicted

These Elves appear to be going ‘above and beyond’ to help Santa

These floating falaces were spotted by a citizen who experienced a morale failure

“We have even seen evidence of giant butt-plugs being used as centrepieces in public displays, leading to morale failures in more ‘reserved’ citizens.

“Not only this, but some festive lights (when not switched on) appear to show Santa shagging himself.

Is it a Christmas Tree or is it a giant butt-plug?

Here, Santa appears to be giving himself a seeing to.

Santa with his ‘clothes’ off

“Even some big household names seem oblivious to the fact that their festive products seem to resemble someone who is bent over with their butt cheeks spread apart.

This festive cup seems to be encouraging citizens to split their butt cheeks apart – maybe in preparation for Santa himself?

This – whatever it is supposed to be – looks like a giant turd

“We have even seen festive products which appear to be completely harmless.

“But then when you turn them around, again, they seem to depict private parts.

When you turn this ornament around, then it becomes rude

This palm tree has been decorated in such a way so as to resemble a climatic male moment

“We have also noticed that various festive characters appear to be shown having ‘naked cuddles’ which is entirely unacceptable to the MoM.

To the untrained eye, this looks like an adult party

“Candles also appear to have been targeted by citizens who have got a one-track minds, with displays seeming to show ornaments covered in man juice.

This animal has a tree up its a*se

This ornament seems to have been making a video for P**n Hub

“Cheap goods which have been imported from countries which specialise in making cheap goods also appear to show rude things, such as arms, fingers and legs appearing from ladies private parts.

“Ice also seems to have been made to look like massive sperms which in itself has caused multiple morale failures among citizens who are offended by such sights.

“Heck, we have even seen a decoration that shows a reindeer engaging in some self-pleasure.

This icicle looks like a giant bit of man juice

This reindeer seems to be ‘caught up’ in the moment

These citizens seem to have a message for everyone

“Other displays which have been spotted by our morale agents also seem to show snowmen sniffing each others butt-holes which is entirely unacceptable.

“We are urging ALL citizens to try and rid their mind of naughty thoughts when erecting Christmas decorations”.

This seems to suggest a bum-sniffing competition

Toilet brushes have been made to look like Christmas trees

Have you experienced a morale failure?

If ‘yes’, then you are encouraged to send us a light-hearted video detailing what happened and how the morale failure has affected your well-being.

These videos will then be shared with your fellow citizens (via our facebook page) who will then offer you advice on how to best overcome the morale failure.

Videos should be sent to the Ministry via our Facebook page. or can be submitted in our’ morale group’ on Facebook which you can join by clicking HERE 

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