New Baby Shield Means Less Mess, More Love For Parents & Babysitters

The Ministry of Morale has introduced a new ground-breaking product for parent citizens which will mean that you won’t be at risk of being covered in bodily fluids when you change or play with your baby citizen. 

For too long now, parents have had to contend with being urinated and pooped on when undertaking every-day tasks such as changing nappies etc. 

This often leads to reoccurring morale failures in parents which is not acceptable. 

Our morale scientists have been working on a solution to this messy problem, and we think we have found it. 

Talking about the announcement, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Unless you are a bit odd, then nobody likes to be covered in wee and poop. 

“For this reason, we have developed this cutting edge device which will help to protect you from your baby citizens bodily fluids. 

“The device also comes with some built-in gloves, which will mean that you won’t have to worry about getting poop, wee and vomit under your fingernails. 

“With this new device, you will also be able to hold your baby citizen above your or your friends’ heads without having to worry about being covered in sick. 

“Ball games will also be more enjoyable as you will not have to worry about being covered in puke as you play catch with your baby citizen. 

“We hope that this device will help parents to maintain their high levels of morale. 

“If you also have friends who tend to throw up when you are out drinking, then you will be pleased to know that in the not-too-distant future, we will be introducing an adult version of this technologically advanced product.

“You’re welcome.”

Have you experienced a morale failure?

If ‘yes’, then you are encouraged to send us a light-hearted video detailing what happened and how the morale failure has affected your well-being.

These videos will then be shared with your fellow citizens (via our facebook page) who will then offer you advice on how to best overcome the morale failure.

Videos should be sent to the Ministry via our Facebook page. or can be submitted in our’ morale group’ on Facebook which you can join by clicking HERE 

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