New Health & Safety Rules Mean ‘Wet Floor’ Signs Must Be Floated On The Surface Of Swimming Pools

New health & safety rules mean that swimming pools must now float ‘wet floor’ signs on the surface of their pools. 

While most people understand that the bottom of swimming pools will be wet, the Ministry of Morale has been made aware that some citizens have been able to sue swimming pool owners for not making them aware that the floor of the swimming pool – being under 6ft of water – is indeed, wet. 

Because of this, citizens might start to notice that when they go swimming, they will be forced to navigate around floats which are carrying the ‘wet floor’ signs. 

‘wet floor’ warning signs will be floated on the surface of swimming pools

Typically, the MoM would rely on the common sense of citizens to realise that the floor of swimming pools will be wet owing to the 30,000 gallons of water which are in the pool. 

However, we have noticed more and more incidents which have occurred owing to a complete lack of common sense. 

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“This new ruling means that not only will you have to avoid couples who are engaged in some heavy petting in swimming pools, but now you will also have to try and avoid the floats which will be carrying these ‘wet floor’ signs. 

“We are advising aquatic citizens to keep their mouths closed when swimming to prevent taking bites out of the floats which will be carrying the signs. 

“If you were previously not aware of the fact that the floors of swimming pools are wet, then we would urge you not to go swimming and to stay away from water that is more than 2 mm deep. 

“We know that this ruling will anger citizens, but health and safety is always at the forefront of our minds. 

“As a result of our findings, we may also be forced to place buoys in the sea to warn citizens that the seabed might also be slippery. 

“But a final decision on this matter has yet to be made. 

“The floats and the warning signs will be paid for from contributions which are made to our JustGiving Page“. 

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