Police Commended For Helping Chicks To Cross The Road

Officers have been commended for stopping traffic so a family of chicks could cross the road. 

Although the kind gesture happened some years ago, the Ministry of Morale feels that it is essential to acknowledge the good deeds of citizens – both historical and current. 

In the moving image, a British police officer can be seen to stop traffic before allowing some lost and confused chicks to cross the road. 

Initial reports were that the chicks were making their way to a local ‘Perfect Fried Chicken’ eatery, but these allegations were quickly dispelled when it turned out that no PFC’s were around when the picture was taken. 

Talking about the kind gesture, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We should always celebrate whenever humanity shows courtesy and respect towards the animal kingdom. 

“Lord only knows what may have happened to those chicks had they not have been escorted across the road. 

“Too often, we see members of the animal kingdom who have met their end on the side of a road. 

“We are proud to celebrate the courtesy shown by this officer towards these chicks.”

A British bobby helps some chicks to cross the road

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