Midget Straps On Climbing Gear After New Partner Proclaims: ‘I’ve Not Had Many Partners Before’

A midget has been spotted descending into his partner after his partner told him that they had ‘not had many partners before’. 

The picture was taken just as the male descended into his partners’ intimate parts and was sent into the Ministry of Morale as the witness was worried about the welfare of the midget. 

The male was last seen several hours ago, and concerns are growing for his welfare. 

It is not known as to whether or not the male had any food or water with him before he made his voyage into the unknown.

The Ministry of Morale is urging citizens NOT to check claims which have been made by their partner in this manner. 

There are various hazards involved, not least the prospect that climbing gear could be left behind in the cavity. 

The status of the male is not currently known

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We know that some citizens like to try and work out how many previous partners their current partner has had.

“But we would urge citizens against strapping on their caving/climbing gear before entering their partner to make a visual check of the area. 

“Not only is this practice not particularly hygienic, but it could lead to a severe accident. 

“Once we know about the welfare of the midget then we will, of course, keep our citizens updated.”

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