McDonalds Boss Fired For Dipping His McNugget In Staffs’ Sauce Box

The big boss of McDonald’s (not Ronald McDonald, but someone else) has been fired after he was caught dipping his McNugget in a sauce box that belonged to one of his staff. 

Big-bosses are always expected to keep their McNuggets to themselves, and it is often frowned upon if any big bosses are seen to dip their McNuggets in sauce boxes which belong to their junior staff. 

If caught, then bosses who dip their McNuggets in their staffs’ sauce boxes can expect to be in the McS*it and could end up having to join the McJob queue. 

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Here at the Ministry of Morale, we understand that big-bosses like to dip their McNuggets in their staffs’ sauce boxes – especially if their McNuggets are particularly dry. 

“However, this practice is frowned upon and could end up causing a McFlurry of s*it, which could end up costing you your job. 

“Regardless of how nice your staffs’ sauce boxes are, we would encourage senior managers and leaders not to dip their McNuggets anywhere other than their own sauce boxes.” 

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