Stressed At Work? Try Our New ‘Stress Balls’ To Help Alleviate Stress Levels

As citizens know, here at the Ministry of Morale, we are always trying to think of new ways to keep our loyal citizens happy. 

Work is often the cause of most citizens stress, primarily if you work in a company or organisation where the management does not know their heads from their a**eholes. 

But taking the stress out on your colleagues is not only bad for your morale, but it is also bad for their morale. 

For this reason, the Ministry of Morale has commissioned the production of these silicone ‘stress balls’. 

When citizens are in their places of work, and they feel that their stress levels are getting high, then rather than slapping their colleagues, the Ministry of Morale is advising citizens to squeeze a pair of these ‘stress balls instead’. 

Lower your stress levels by squeezing these stress balls

This will prevent citizens from getting into trouble for assaulting their co-workers who might be contributing to their high levels of stress. 

Talking about the stress balls, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Most of us only work because we are forced to pay extortionate taxes. 

“This situation can lead to high levels of stress which can lead to low levels of morale. 

“Morale levels are a priority for us, so it became necessary to develop a cheap product that citizens can use to lower their stress levels. 

“Thus, the stress balls were born. 

“When you feel your levels of stress starting to increase, you are encouraged to take yourself to the corner of the room (or vehicle) and repeatedly squeeze the balls until your stress levels have rescinded. 

“We are confident that these stress balls will help citizens to reduce their stress levels and I was happy to loan my testicles for the mould that was used to craft this fine specimen of testicles”. 

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