Ungrateful Patient Invoices Medics After They Smashed His Back Doors In

An ungrateful citizen has sent an invoice to two paramedics after they were forced to kick his back doors in after he fell ill while at home. 

Concerned neighbours had called the emergency services after they hadn’t heard anything from their neighbour for several weeks. 

One of the neighbours of the patient, who did not want to be named, told the Ministry of Morale’s Morale Agents:

“The male who lives at number 99 normally gets up each day, at around noon, to play music until he goes out in the evening to buy some more cider before getting s**tfaced and falling asleep again.

“But we hadn’t heard his usual noise for a few days, and so we became worried and called the ambulance-driving service”. 

When the medics arrived at the address, they could see the patient, Mr Idal Feckker, was laying on his back and appeared to be unconscious. 

Worrying for Mr Feckker’s welfare, they kicked his back doors in before administering some first aid. 

However, despite his life being saved by the heroic actions of the medics, Idal Feckker sent the medics an invoice for the cost to repair the door. 

Mr Feckker told the Ministry of Morale:

“One minute I was off of my face in la-la land, then the next thing I knew I had two medics breaching my back door to bring me back to reality. 

“It’s discusting [sic]

“They should have called a locksmith and paid the £500 that it would have cost to get them into my house instead of just blowing my back door open”. 

One of the ambulance-driving medics who attended the address said:

“Unfortunately, I would like to say that this was a rare event, but this sort of thing is becoming quite common. 

“Of course, we will not be paying the invoice and have instead sent Idal Feckker an invoice of £2500 for our time being wasted”. 

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