‘I’VE MET THE TSG’ Tag Starts To Appear On Vehicles Belonging To Wrong’uns

The Ministry of Morale is investigating after graffiti tags of: ‘I’ve Met The TSG’ have started to appear on cars belonging to wrong’uns. 

A wrong’un is anyone who decides to embark upon a career of criminality, and the TSG is one of the Met Polices’ elite units who are tasked with disposing of wrong’uns. 

Because branding humans is frowned upon, some TSG operators have instead resorted to tagging vehicles which belong to the wrong’uns so that good citizen can steer clear of the bad ones. 

A vehicle sprayed with the distinctive tag

Initially, our morale hotline was receiving calls from wrong’uns who were calling to complain that their untaxed and uninsured vehicles were being tagged with ‘I’ve Met The TSG’. 

But once we ran their names through the National Wrong’un Database, then it was apparent that, because they do not give anything into society, then they would not be covered by our services. 

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

‘If you do not want to wake up at 1 pm each day and find that ‘I’ve Met The TSG’ has been spray-painted on your stolen/uninsured and untaxed car, then perhaps just don’t be a wrong’un? 

‘It is that simple’. 

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