New ‘Vegan Only’ KFC Causes Morale Outbreak Amongst Vegan’s

A new ‘vegan only’ KFC has caused an outbreak of morale amongst humanities vegans as they face the prospect of eating food that tastes nice. 

The restaurant, to be opened in Abingdon, will serve delicacies such as wood bark, leaves and straw. 

It is thought to be the first of its kind and is expected to be a complete success with the nations vegan munchers.

Talking about the restaurant, our Chief Morale Officer (himself a veganism) said:

“No doubt, my vegan brothers and sisters will rejoice at the thought of being able to eat healthy fast food rather than having to watch non-veganisms scoffing on grub which actually tastes nice. 

“Everybody knows that vegans often lead healthier lives as they refuse to eat the sort of food that even your dog/cat would turn their noses up at. 

“But for ages now, many vegans have had to put up with eating foliage which has fallen off of the trees. 

“But thanks to this innovative new, chicken-free KFC, vegans will be able to come together and chow down on some genuinely delightful food.

“The only worry will be that the food could contain so many human-made additives that it will be impossible to get any nutritional value out of it. 

“We intend on sending some of our vegan morale agents to the eatery to scope it out. 

“We will, of course, keep y’all posted.

“Happy munching”.  

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