Boris Johnson (Might) Consider Going To European Court Of Human Rights Following Supreme Court Ruling

The Ministry of Morale is hearing through the grapevine that the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is considering going to the European Court of Human Rights following the decision of the Supreme Court that was made this morning. 

As citizens may (or may not) know, the Ministry of Morale has undercover morale agents located in various ‘sneaky-beaky’ locations, including, but not limited to; fruit bowls, toilet bowls and other dark-and-dank places.  

One of these undercover morale agents told Morale HQ that there could be a move by ‘BoJo’ to take his case to the ECHR. 

However, this avenue was quickly ruled out after intelligence suggested that the European Judges would pretend that they weren’t in if/when Mr Johnson came knocking on their doors. 

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“The only course of redress after the Supreme Court is the European Court of Human Rights. 

“But considering the background of the ruling made this morning in the Supreme Court, such an option might be deemed as being inappropriate for ‘Big J’ and his team. 

“We will, of course, keep citizens posted”. 

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