Grandma’s Experience Morale Failures As ‘Nana Slicers’ Hit The Market

Grandma’s around the country have experienced an ‘en-masse’ morale failure after ‘Nana Slicers’ started to hit the shelves in shops up-and-down the country.

One ‘Nana’ told us:

“Literally, I have been looking after the Grandkids for the last 18 years, always when my offspring cannot find a babysitter, and this is the way that society repays me?

“Nana’s need to be careful.

“If they spot their family members buying one of these, then they need to run for the hills or start a community in a forest somewhere.

“How dare anybody come up with this horrible device”.

Nana is pi__ed off

It is not currently known how these devices managed to get past the relevant laws.

But our Morale Agents have been directed to find the devices and remove them from the shelves.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We are urging citizens to remember the copious amounts of chocolate their Nana’s bought for them when they were kids before they decide to go out and purchase a ‘Nana Slicer’.

“Some people are buying the devices because they want to clone their Nana and they think that, by using a Nana Slicer, then they will be able to have nine replicas of their Nana.

“Clearly, this won’t work.

“So please, if you see a Nana Slicer on the shelves, then do the right thing and throw it away.”

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