Phone Bills Soar When Social Media Is Down, As People Have To Phone Their Friends To Find Out What They Had For Dinner

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Morale (survey department) has found that, on average, when social media websites are down, peoples phone bills increase by around 1,000%.

Our research has shown that this is because citizens make billions of phone calls as they ask their friends/family about what they had for breakfast, lunch & dinner rather than getting such updates via social media.

However, because people rarely use their phones to make calls anymore, most citizens have forgotten how much it costs to call somebody and thus they are getting caught out when their monthly bill comes around.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“If you find that social media websites are down, then we would like citizens to wait for them to come back up again before making hundreds of phone calls to their family and friends to find out what they ate and where.

“Although we understand that sharing what you have eaten with the world is very important, we want to try and avoid a situation of citizens having morale failures when they read their monthly phone bills, following a period of social media outage”.

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