15-Year-Old Lad Sues Parents For Setting Up CCTV In His Room To Stop Him W__king

A young lad who suffered from a significant morale failure is intending to sue his mum and dad after they installed mini CCTV cameras in his bedroom to stop him from ‘pleasuring himself.’

The disgruntled 15-year-old boy from Alaska told local morale agents that his parents set up the security cameras in his bedroom after his mother caught him ‘in the act.’

venting via the ‘Reddit’ legal advice forum, the young citizen said that he feels his privacy is being violated.

The youth said:

“I’m 15 and think I should be allowed to touch my own body.

“This is embarrassing and destroys my privacy; please help.”

The unlucky lad also pointed out that his dad caught him ‘cracking one out’ earlier on in the week when he thought that everyone in the house was fast asleep.

The boy said:

“My dad barged in without knocking and started screaming at me.

“He and my mum then sat me down and told me I’m not allowed to touch myself.”

It has also been reported that his mum and dad removed him from ‘personal development’ classes at school because they do not want him to have a partner before his 40th birthday.

The young citizen then had no choice other than to learn ‘things’ via the internet.

The boy later found an Amazon package in his home only to discover it was indoor security cameras. It was at this point that the young lad endured a massive morale failure.

The teenager wrote:

“I asked my dad, and he said they are putting them [cameras] in my room and bathroom so they can monitor and make sure I’m not bashing one out.”

He added:

“I said that wasn’t okay, and he said that I agreed to do it and this is holding me to the agreement.”

The teenager’s parents also downloaded an app to their phone, meaning that they could keep an eye on what he is doing, even when they are not in.

Fellow Reddit users told the boy to talk to another adult concerning the issue, emphasizing that such parents’ behaviours are unacceptable.

One user said parents’ actions to install CCTV cameras were “extremely inappropriate.”

One person wrote:

“Regardless of whether or not you’re ‘sorting yourself out’ (which is entirely normal), you need to have a reasonable amount of privacy while you’re using the bathroom and changing.”

“Please realize that you are a normal kid, exhibiting normal, natural, and healthy behaviours.”

The teen also posted an updated post titled, ‘confronted dad about cameras being put in my room, and it got way worse.’

Later both posts, the updated and original, were deleted, and it’s not known whether the cameras were removed from the boy’s room or what happened regarding the situation.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Nature requires citizens of the male variety, to routinely empty their balls to keep the intricate system working correctly.

“Without being able to do this, the male risks his gonads growing to the same size as small boulders”.

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