Fire Risk As Citizens Plug Their Phone Chargers Into Dollars Bills, Hoping They ‘Charge’ To $100 Bills

The Ministry of Morale is advising citizens who find themselves in the United States NOT to plug their phone charges into dollar bills in the hope that they ‘charge up’ to $100 bills.

The trend started after someone called ‘Hunter’ was overheard talking in a Hooters Bar about how he had managed to turn a $1 into $100 after he left the $1 ‘on charge’ overnight.

Apparently, you only need to plug your $1 in for a few hours for the note to reach its ‘full charge’ of $100.

A picture has emerged on social media on a manky $1 on a manky bed

Once word got out that you can ‘charge up’ paper notes to higher dominations, more-and-more people attempted to try and do the same thing.

However, this practice can create a fire risk, and thus, the Ministry of Morale is asking people not to try it at home.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“There has been little evidence to suggest that this process works, so we are advising citizens not to try it unless they want to run the risk of spontaneous combustion”.

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