Local Councils REJOICE As Melting Roads Repair Potholes

Local council leaders have been rejoicing as the unprecedented hot weather – that occurs every summer – has meant that the billions of potholes dotted around the country have started to disappear finally.

Owing to the scorching temperatures, the roads have been melting, and thus potholes which have been around since the ice age have started to disappear.

Our undercover morale agents who have been embedded into local councils have told us that council bosses have been celebrating by consuming copious amounts of £30,000-a-bottle champagne.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“At least this now means that citizens can use the roads without needed to have months of physiotherapy from just driving to the shops.

“Many people think that global warming is a bad thing, but they seem to have overlooked the fact that the oven-like temperatures have meant that melting roads have been able to repair themselves”.

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