WATCH: Dyson Unveils New ‘Ball Blade’ Dryer For Blokes

As the weather heats up and the country struggles to cope in temperatures which most countries experience for months at a time, Dyson appears to have come up with a novel way for men to keep their balls cool (video below).

With the risk of ball-sacks being dragged along the pavement as your nuts drop to try and keep cool, it is clear that men need a ‘quick-stop’ way of keeping their undercarriages cool in this heat.

The ‘Ball Blades’ will be fitted in various public areas, so that men who are having trouble keeping their gonads cool, can pop in, get their nuts out and then place them into the ‘Ball Blade.’

After just a few seconds in the machine, then hopefully this should be enough to bring your gonads back to a reasonable temperature.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“For both men and women, keeping their privates cool in this atrocious weather can be a problem.

“But this handy device means that you can strip off, get your nads out, place them in the holes and then hey presto, instant relief from the hot weather.

“It is hoped that Dyson will also be able to introduce a similar contraption for women too and as soon as we hear anything, then we will, of course, let citizens know.

“Please remember to stay calm during this weather and if you see someone that looks like they need cooling off, then remember to offer to blow in their face in an attempt to cool them down.

“As you can see from the video below, I happily volunteered my own time to appear in the demonstration video.

“You’re welcome”.

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