Do Not Be Surprised If You See Men Walking Like This In The Hot Weather

The Ministry of Morale has been getting a lot of reports from concerned citizens about men they have spotted who appear to be ‘walking funny’ in the heat.

We want to assure citizens that if you do spot a male comrade walking down the street with a funny step, then it is probably just because the male’s balls are overheating.

By walking in a manner, as shown in the attached diagram, a male suffering from Hot Ball Syndrome (HBS) can temporarily provide fresh air to the affected bo__ock.

This cold air allows the bo__ock to regulate its temperature, meaning that its owner feels a bit more comfortable.

A diagram of the ‘Hot Ball Syndrome’ walk

Citizens are being urged to allow their male comrades to have some extra space in crowded areas so that the ‘HBS’ walk can be carried out without needlessly bumping into anyone.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“If you see a male walking funny, then please do not be alarmed.

“They are just trying to keep their bo__ocks cool in this ‘extreme’ (by UK standards) heat.

“Every now and again, most males will need to take a couple of seconds to re-adjust the position of their gonads.

“This fumbling can look suspicious, but, in most cases, it is a necessary requirement of being a male.

“No male likes to feel their bo__ocks rubbing against their hairy legs in this hot weather – which is why the HBS walk is so essential.

“If you see a male having trouble moving their bo__ock if, for example, they are on a crowded train, then please give them some extra space.

“The Ministry of Morale would like to thank you for your assistance”.

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