What To Know What You Will Look Like If You Smoke Meth? Use The Face App ‘Age’ Feature

The Ministry of Morale has noticed how popular the ‘face app’ (ageing feature) has become as millions of citizens indulge themselves in a bit of time travelling into the future.

The freaky pictures have been filing the social media timelines of the bewildered family and friends of the individuals who have been using the feature.

However, what many citizens have not realised, is that the app also gives a reasonably accurate prediction of what you will look like in just a few months if you smoke meth.

The highly-toxic substance has the effect of rapidly ageing you, so you look around 150 years older than what you are.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“The billions of people who have been using the Face App (ageing feature) probably have not realised that they are also getting a glimpse into how they would look if they were stupid enough to start smoking meth.

“So if you ever needed a reason NOT to smoke the stuff, then check out the app but rather than thinking that is what you will look like in 50 years, it is actually how you will look in about five months”.

“To get an accurate idea of how you will look if you do smoke the stuff, then make sure you pick the ‘+99’ setting”.

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