WATCH: Drones Armed With Fireworks Being Used To Break Up Morale Gatherings (Street Parties)

Undercover Morale Agents, based in our Brazil office, have made us aware of a new tactic being employed by some citizens to break up gatherings of people who are engaging in various urban morale activities.

In the video below, a Brazilian citizen decided that he had enough of an impromptu street party that had kicked off near to his home address.

Having asked the revellers to go away, the crowd continued to cut some dance shapes in the warm Brazilian night.

Our morale agent informed us that the citizen had called the police, but they, quite frankly, just were not interested.

intelligence suggests that it was at this moment that the citizen decided to conduct an ‘air raid’ on the group using a drone and some fireworks.

In the video below, you can clearly see the drone firing numerous fireworks towards the crowd as they scatter off into the backstreets.

We have some unconfirmed reports that the police in this country could be considering using the tactic to break up similar morale gatherings.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“To be fair, the citizen in this video has done quite a good job of strapping some fireworks to this drone.

“He is also clearly well-versed in the art of flying one of these machines around, as you can tell by how the drone is being operated.

“We would encourage citizens not to employ this tactic should they be called upon to disperse morale gatherings in their local neighbourhoods”.

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