Victims Of ‘MEME Theft’ To Be Offered Emotional Support

Even though, in reality, a MEME cannot be ‘stolen’ as it is merely copied and shared on the same social media platform where it was found.

However, some professional MEME sharers have been in contact with the Ministry of Morale via our morale hotline, to seek emotional support having seen someone else sharing ‘their’ MEME.

Often, this support is sought after a citizen finds a MEME on social media, shares it and then sees the same MEME being shared by someone else.

This situation then causes an immediate failure in the professional-MEME-sharers morale, but a the moment they have nobody to turn to, as no-one cares.

Because of this, the Ministry of Morale has decided to put some resources into providing a 24/7 MEME-line that can be used by citizens who get upset when they see a MEME that they have ‘acquired’ being shared by one of the 6 billion other citizens who are currently on the planet.

Talking about the service, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“For years now, people have been whinging and moaning when they see somebody else sharing a MEME that they found on the internet and also shared.

“This peculiar situation seems to suggest that some citizens think that only they should be allowed to share funny MEMEs which they might have spotted during the day.

“The new helpline will enable ‘victims’ of MEME theft to speak to someone about how seeing their MEME on the same website on which it was shared has made them feel.

“In reality, the hotline will be ‘operated’ by automated call scripts which are similar to those annoying ones which phone you up, asking if you have been in an accident.

“But the adult babies who get angry when a MEME that they have spotted is shared by someone else will at least have someone to share their disappointment and anger with.

“Further updates regarding the date by which the hotline will be launched, can be found on our website“.

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