Military Wives To Automatically Get The Same Rank As Their Husbands

The Ministry of Morale is pleased to announce that as from an as yet unknown date, military wives will now automatically have the same rank as their husbands.

This decision follows a long-term consultation during which military wives were asked about what they find most annoying about their husbands being in the military.

While their husbands being away for extended periods of time was cited as being a widespread annoyance, the fact that they (military wives) do not automatically get the same rank as their spouses came in as being the most annoying thing.

One military wife, married to a commissioned officer, told us:

“It’s not fair that my husband is an officer and yet I do not get saluted by the oiks when I am with him.

“I should be treated the same as my husband. I want to be addressed as ‘Ma’am’ because I am a part of the military family too.

“We should also be allowed to wear some sort of ID/uniform so that all of the junior rates know that my husband is an officer”.

Another wife, married to a WO(1), told us:

“Even though I have only been with my husband for 12 months – he has served for 25 years – I only feel that it is right that the junior rates refer to me as ‘ma’am’ and that they bow their heads when they see me”.

The new rule will apply to anyone with any sort of rank, whether NCO or commissioned.

If a military wife splits up with her spouse, then her rank will be halved so if, for example, the wife of a Warrant Officer divorces her husband, then she will still have the rank of sergeant (or Petty Officer for Navy-types).

The wives of aviators will also be allowed to wear a set of ‘wings’ thus signifying that her husband is a pilot.

Of course, the above also applies to the husbands of military women and those in same-sex relationships.

Talking about the decision, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“It’s only right that military wives automatically get the same rank as their husbands.

“As well as being issued with uniforms, military wives will also be issued with ID cards which they can present at the main gate so that the men and women who are on guard/stag duty can salute the military wife.

“This will prevent the awkward conversations which often occur where a military wife will ask a junior rating if he/she knows that she is, in fact, married to someone who has some rank.

“During family day events, junior ratings must salute the family members of all senior rates/commissioned officers.”


  • Who do these women think they are

    • When an officer is saluted, the person/ rating that actually salutes is NOT saluting the officer – He/She is saluting the Queens commission. The “other half” of the officer does NOT hold a commission; so good luck with that !
      I am an ex matelot… The Captain/Skippers wife is the only one who would get a salute in the R.N.

  • I feel very down heart that an officer wife calls junior ranks oiks they have a rank as well even Pte /Sapper/Gunner but nor OIKS.

  • Is it April already……

  • is this for US forces

    • LOL…it’s obviously satire, but we (American Forces) can certainly relate. We have the same issues with many military spouses.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m sure some wives do this anyway!

  • Why do people come up with those ideas, wifes do not do throw all the Army course and op the troops do. If a wife was high up in there work this mean the man can have her rank, No so why do it in the Army.

  • You have got to be joking! Who do these women think they are? It’s their husbands that put their lives on the line protecting our country. I really don’t think making jam and knitting baby clothes has the same impact. I feel sorry for the real workers, yes those junior ratings who get their hands dirty. Pure humiliation, and I am so glad I am no longer a service woman.

  • to the wife of the Commissioned officer I do not think your Husbands R.S.M would like to know you called him an OIKS he is the must Senior N.C.O and should be called Sir or Mister THIS Name not OIK.

  • Many a true word said in jest……….this rings so true.
    I left the RN sixty-four years ago and even then, the wives we’re more ’rank’ conscious than our senior oppos. They were a bitchy bunch when mixing together……most of them will even think this is true😄!

  • Wife of WO1 Brown

    This post must be a piss take.

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