Citizen Experiences Morale Failure After Finding A Mouse In Her ‘Chicken ‘n’ Chips’

The Ministry of Morale (that’s us) has been alerted to a morale failure that occurred after a woman purchased some nutritious chicken and chips from a fast food outlet, only to find that the ‘chicken’ was, in fact, a mouse.

The incident occurred at around 02:00 hours this morning after the diner had enjoyed a night out drinking copious amounts of vodka and wine with her colleagues.

After getting kicked out of a local club for throwing up on the dancefloor, the reveller made her way to a local eatery that specialises in deep frying various food items such as potatoes and poultry.

Having left the fast-food establishment, the woman went to tuck into the nutritious feast, only to find a mouse instead of an anaemic bit of out-of-date chicken.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We are urging citizens to avoid ordering food from eateries which specialise in deep frying left-over bits of meat until we have been able to verify how this happened.

“The hungry raver has been offered support by our morale agents during this emotional time.

“We are urging citizens who want to eat chicken and chips after a night out to instead take a protein bar out with them when they go out clubbing.

“This should not only ease the hunger felt at the end of a night of hardcore dancing, but it should also prevent clubbers from having to chow down on deep-fried mice”.

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