Proof That Money Leads To An Over-Inflated Ego

President Trump has managed to prove to the world that bundles and bundles of cash can lead to an over-inflated ego that means you are, effectively unable to take any form of criticism whatsoever without having a melt-down on social media.

The morale of many level-headed and decent American’s seems to have taken a nosedive as it transpires that their leader has resorted to public playground ‘name-calling’ after someone leaked confidential and private memos which had been shared by the British Ambassador to the USA.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that other people will not always agree with their decisions and how they go about making those decisions.

This is why many politicians have developed a thick skin. And rightly so.

However, if ‘yes’ men and women surround you for most of your life, then you are clearly led to believe that you cannot do any wrong and that you are some sort of saint when, clearly, no-one is perfect, and thus everyone should be able to take criticism on the chin.

But people insatiable greed for ‘green’ (dollars) has meant that Mr Trump has navigated his way through life surrounded by people who have clearly only ever told him what he wants to hear.

Resorting to public name-calling when you have learnt about someone’s thoughts from leaked memo’s seems to suggest that our political leaders, on the global stage, need some urgent spiritual enlightenment that would allow them to be able to accept that they are not perfect, despite what the ‘yes’ men and women around them repeatedly tell them.

You would think that the aforementioned is a basic lesson in life. Clearly not.

The Ministry of Morale is monitoring the situation closely, but our morale analysts have become increasingly concerned about the stability of the world’s morale when we have world leaders who think that ‘name-calling’ (publically) is a ‘good’ way to manage global affairs.

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