New Study Reveals That Breathing Air Helps To Keep You Alive

The results of a new multi-million-pound study, paid for by the taxpayer, exclusively reveals that breathing oxygen (or ‘O2’ as it is known to scientists) helps to keep you alive.

The results of this study will come as welcome news to the 6 billion-or-so humans who currently inhabit planet earth.

While it has always been known that oxygen plays an essential part in the survival of humans, this study now unequivocally confirms that not only do we need oxygen, but we also need to make more of it.

Talking about the findings, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Many citizens have previously assumed that their lungs have been a good place to store food, for when you are hungry.

“But this comprehensive study shows that lungs are, in fact, vital for processing air and that this air is essential for survival.

“Because of the results of this study, the Ministry of Morale has decided to start selling bags of air which you can purchase by clicking HERE”.

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