New Mobility Scooters Come With In-Built Toilets

The Ministry of Morale is pleased to announce the rolling out of these new mobility scooters which come with an inbuilt toilet.

Owing to the slow speed of mobility scooters, users can often find themselves needing to use the toilet.

Even if you are only travelling one mile in your traditional scooter, then it can take up to ten hours to make this journey; which is too long for anyone to have to wait to go to the toilet.

That is why we have developed these scooters which have toilets built in them – riders will now be able to cover enormous distances without having to worry about getting caught out.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“You will often see electric scooters crawling at a snail’s pace towards your local shops/supermarket.

“But what you probably don’t realise, is that the riders continuously need the toilet but are never able to make it to their destination in time.

“With these new scooters, riders will be able to relieve themselves while en-route to the local shops/bingo hall.

“They will be available in pink, blue and gender neutral colours”.

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