New Toilets At Work Means You Can Have A Dump With Your Best Mate

Here at the Ministry of Morale, we know that chatting with your best mates at work is great for staff morale and productivity.

For this reason, we have developed these new toilets which will mean that you won’t have to be separated from your ‘bestie’ at work while you go for a poop.

Before the introduction of these toilets, members of staff would often experience anxiety after being separated from their ‘bestie’ at work while going to the toilet, even if only for a few minutes (females) or a few hours (males).

But now you can sit and chat to your work-best-mate while using the loo meaning that you won’t have to get anxious about being away from them.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We are hoping that these new toilets will mean that morale at work will increase and that productivity will increase also.

“We know that some employees cannot bear to be away from their best mate, even if that means sitting next to them while they do a poo.

“You can even wipe each other’s ar*es as well, depending on how close your friendship is.

“we also know that work toilets can often be the only place of sanctuary when at work, especially if you are unfortunate enough to have a supervisor/manager who does not know their ar*e from their elbow.

“So now, with these new toilets, you can escape from the buffoonery of work with your best mate”.

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