New Six-In-One ‘Multi-Purpose’ Grooming Product For Blokes

The Ministry of Morale is pleased to announce that we have developed a new six-in-one grooming product for blokes, meaning that men won’t have to go back to the shops over and over again because they have missed a vital grooming product that their partner has told them to get.

This new product will also mean men won’t have to waste valuable time unwrapping loads of different toiletries on Christmas day, fathers day and their birthdays

The new ‘multi-purpose’ bottles will contain:

Shaving cream
Dish Soap
and whipped cream

Each of the different ‘functions’ is relatively self-explanatory, other than the whipped cream

But if you need to ask what the whipped cream is for, then you probably should get out more anyway.

One comment

  • The same company has also launched a new product, called MYLE – which, they say, is “specifically designed to Moisturise Your Left Eyebrow!”

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