Larry The Cat Spotted Hiding Under ‘The Beast’ After Hearing About ‘Pussies’ Being Grabbed

‘Larry’ the Cat, a permanent lodger at Number 10, has been spotted hiding under the Presidential limousine known as ‘the beast’ after hearing about a ‘pussies’ being grabbed.

Fearful of becoming a victim of the ‘pussy grabbing’, our morale agents informed us that Larry was seeking refuge from the prospect of being grabbed.

It is not known for how long ‘Larry’ has been hiding under the armoured vehicle, or what his current status is.

But what is clear, is that Larry is safe and has thus far not been ‘grabbed’.

It is thought that by hiding under ‘the beast’ (one of the safest vehicles in the world), Larry will be safe for the foreseeable future.

IMAGE CREDIT: @BillNeelyNBC | Twitter

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