WATCH | Citizen Experiences Morale Failure After Falling Off His Truck

For reasons known only to the four brains cells within this citizens head, he decided that it would be a good idea to remove himself from behind the wheel of his truck and climb on top of its roof.

While even a toddler would understand the consequences of doing this, it would appear that this fully grown adult did not.

In the video (below), the male can be seen to exit his vehicle and climb on top of the roof of the cab.

The vehicle was travelling at around 28 mph at the time.

Once on top of the cab, the citizen then rejoices in his fantastic feat of stupidity before the truck slowly starts to edge towards the kerb.

However, for this numbnuts, it was too late as no-one was controlling the vehicle.

Within a few seconds, the silly man starts to hurtle towards a telegraph pole and so jumps off of the truck before it makes contact.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“While this citizen no doubt experienced a few seconds of jubilation having managed to climb out from behind the driver’s seat and onto the top of the truck, the pain he would have felt after falling onto the floor would have completely wiped out any morale.

“We are sharing this video so that if any other citizens out there with four or fewer brain cells are tempted to do the same, then hopefully, having seen this video, they might then think twice”.

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