Bacon Grease To Become Official ‘Essential Oil’

The Ministry of Morale is acutely aware of the rise in popularity of essential oils, especially where citizens are using them instead of more traditional medicines.

However, we can now confirm that ‘bacon grease’ will now also be officially recognised as an essential oil that can help people combat the feelings of hunger and fatigue.

To use the oil correctly, you will need to apply it liberally all over your tongue or over the tongue of whoever it is that is feeling hungry.

In no time at all, the essential bacon grease will help you to feel less hungry.

We’ll be recommending to citizens that they take a bottle of the bacon grease with them wherever they go, just in case you end up feeling hungry and there are only salad bars around you.

We can confirm that the bacon oils can also be used in diffusers, should you decide you want to live permanently with the pungent aroma of bacon.

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