Man Tips Over Annoying Small Car Parked In Two Spaces

Details have emerged regarding an incident involving a citizen who decided to tip a small car over onto its side after he found the pint-sized vehicle had been intentionally parked across two spaces.

While there is no law about parking your car so that it covers two car parking spaces, it is mega annoying and makes you look like a right ****.

Especially the motorists who intentionally park their car over two spaces because they are worried about their distinctly average vehicle getting scratched.

What these selfish morons do not realise, is that citizens become even more motivated to scratch and damage their car when it is parked in such a manner, especially when no other parking spaces are available.

So our morale agents were not suprised when they came accross this scene.

Annoyed with the way that the small vehicle had been parked, a citizen tipped it over so that the car only occupied one parking space.

Either that or a gust of wind blew it over.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We have no sympathy for the ower of the small car as there are no excuses for parking like a t**t.

“When you park your car across two parking spaces, then you are saying to the world ‘please come and scratch my car’ and ‘I am a selfish moron who firmly believes that my car is more important than your convenience’.

“While the Ministry of Morale would never condone acts of vandalism, in some circumstances, we do understand them”.

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