New Curry Houses With Toilets For Seats Means You Won’t Have To Leave The Table

In an attempt to try and increase the morale of diners, the Ministry of Morale has decided to allow curry houses to install working toilets for seats.

This will mean that, should you encounter a particularly spicy curry that makes you want to go to the toilet instantly, then you won’t even have to leave your seat to go.

You can just sit there next to your mates and pass the waste product, while still chowing down on your favourite food.

Bowels of water will be provided on the table so that diners can wash their hands without even having to get up off of their seats.

Anyone who refuses to wash their hands will be asked to leave the restaurant immediately.

Approximately 23 minutes are lost during the average night out to a curry house owing to people needing to make regular trips to the toilet after they have encountered a particularly spicy dish.

This prolonged lack of contact with friends while on a night out can harm your morale.

Talking about the plans, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“The fact that you will be able to go to the toilet while having a curry without even needing to leave the table will bring joy to many people.

“No longer will you have to worry about passing wind and having an accident (commonly known as a ‘dangerous fart’) as you will be able to push the wind out knowing full well that you have a toilet beneath you.

“If this trial is successful, then we will be rolling the idea out to other types of restaurants, starting next with Taco Bell.

“If you own a friend who has a particularly sensitive stomach, then you might want to let them know about this great news”.

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