Protestors Call On Food Companies To Stop Killing Fish For Their Fingers

The Ministry of Morale has had some top intelligence via our undercover morale agents regarding some protestors who are planning to descend on London, to call for a halt to killing fish for their fingers.

Fish fingers are a favourite meal for both adults and children, but protestors are concerned about the amount of fish which are being harvested just for their 6-inch long fingers.

We are expecting at least five protestors to venture into London over the bank holiday weekend, causing minimal delays.

It has been reported in the mainstream media that some fish, once their fingers have been removed, are being thrown back into the sea.

Citizens are being urged not to antagonise protestors by dressing up as giant fish fingers.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We respect the right of all citizens to be able to have a peaceful protest, but we are not sure why this one, in particular, is going ahead as fish do not even have fingers.

“But to avoid offending anyone, we refuse to acknowledge the truth and thus will let the protest go ahead, even though there is nothing really to protest about.

“The Ministry of Morale has concluded that some people just like to protest because it makes them feel good about themselves, they like getting into an argument with people, or there weren’t cuddled enough as a kid.

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