Male Wanted By The Police Turns Himself In And Tries To Claim £10,000 Reward

The Ministry of Morale has been made aware of a morale failure that occurred after a wanted man turned himself in, hoping that he would get the £10,000 reward that was being offered for his capture.

Unfortunately, the male did not realise that he could not claim the reward and thus experienced an immediate morale failure as he had been hoping to use the money to travel to Spain and start a new life in the sun.

The last we heard was that the male is going to be spending the weekend in an ‘en-suite’ apartment at a local police station.

After the male saw that there was a reward being offered for information leading to his arrest, via a post that was shared on social media, he immediately made his way to his local cop shop to claim the £10,000.

Once the officers had stopped laughing they informed the male that he could indeed claim some ‘free’ food while at the police station, but that he would not see one single penny of the £10,000.

We understand that the morale failure is still on-going.

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