109-Year-Old Woman Confirms That Secret To Long Life Is Avoiding Other People

The Ministry of Morale has recently published the results of a survey that we conducted on citizens aged over 100-years-old, where we asked them what the ‘secret’ to a long life was.

98% of those who responded told us unequivocally that the key to their longevity was their ability to avoid other people – specifically those who are deemed as being tatbadgers and cckwombles.

This means that to try and reach triple figures, citizens are being advised to stay away from idiots wherever possible.

If you work in a job where you face idiots daily then, of course, achieving this might be an issue.

It might mean that you avoid work altogether or only go to work while heavily sedated.

Avoiding c*ckwombles might not be easy, but it will be worth it in the long run.

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