Theresa May To Appear In This Years Series Of Love Island

While monitoring our morale detection equipment, Morale HQ detected an outbreak of morale in the production offices of Love Island.

Upon further investigation, it transpired that Theresa May had agreed to go on this year’s series of the popular show as a contestant.

The announcement was welcomed with rapturous applause as Mrs May could do with a break away from Westminster.

Our morale agents confirmed that Mrs May would be joining the contestants who are currently in ‘lock-down’ in anticipation of the series starting in the next few weeks.

For citizens who might not know, Love Island is a reality TV show where single contestants live amongst each other while being filmed arguing and having sex.

Once out, the winners can expect to be paid thousands of pounds for promoting watches, teeth whitening products and fake tan via their Instagram accounts.

Although Mrs May is not single, it is thought that she will still participate in the various ‘games’ which contestants have to play, but she will not have to spend any nights in the ‘hideaway’.

Talking about the announcement, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“It is only right that Mrs May gets a chance to head out to the Island of Love, having been shown no such love from her colleagues during her recent tenure as Prime Minister.

“Mrs May will be suitably adorned with factor 5,000 suncream and will be able to put her dancing skills to good use, as she can expect to spend most of her time drinking and raving.

“Few would doubt that Mrs May has worked incredibly hard during her time as Prime Minister, so it is only right that she heads off to Love Island to take part in the TV show of the decade.

“Even though the aim of Love Island is for contestants to shack up with someone, much to the pleasure of voyeuristic viewers, Mrs May will be exempt from having to get involved with any of those sort of shenanigans.

“I am sure that citizens will agree, that this year’s series of Love Island will give Mrs May a much-needed and well-deserved break”.

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