Do You Know Anyone Who Suffers From Rectal Cranial Inversion?

Rectal Cranial Inversion (RCI), otherwise known as Head Up Your Ar*e Syndrome, affects the lives of many.

Billions of employees around the world feel the direct results of RCI because they have a manager or supervisor who really cannot differentiate their head from their ar*e.

Support Groups are popping up on social media in order to try and overcome the effects of RCI and we would recommend that you join one ASAP.

Particularly if you have a manager or supervisor who suffers from RCI without even knowing it or if you know someone who has the misfortune of working with someone with RCI.

There is still no known cure for Rectal Cranial Inversion, but we can raise awareness.

93% of people won’t share this article, mainly because… they already suffer from RCI.

If you are a supervisor or manager who suffers from RCI then there is help.

You can attend one of our morale workshops which are held around the country in order to get your head removed from your backside before it’s too late.

If you are an employee who works for someone suffering from RCI, then you can contact our morale agents who will arrange for your boss to be picked up by our morale agents who drive around in white rusty transit vans.

Don’t suffer in silence.

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