‘I’m Fat So Don’t Park Close’ – New Notes Being Left On Cars In Car Parks

New notes have been spotted being left on vehicles after motorists have had enough of not being able to get out of their cars owing to the fact that other vehicles have parked too close to them.

Driving to Lidls only to find that you cannot get out of your car because someone has parked their vehicle too close to yours is bound to cause a serious morale failure in most motorists.

But one of our undercover morale agents spotted a note that had been left on the inside window of a car that actually helped to stop other motorists from parking too close to them.

The no-nonsense note simple says:

“I’m fat so don’t park too close.

“Have a nice day”.

Our morale agents stayed at the location for well over an hour and reported back to morale HQ that no-one parked next to the vehicle.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“If you are sick of people parking too close to your car in a carpark, then rather than being a t**t and deliberately taking up two spaces, why not just leave this note on your car instead?

“Our morale agents confirmed that for the whole time they were in the car park, not one person decided to park too close to the vehicle that had the sign in the window.

“If you are a professional ambulance-taxi-driver then you could put one of these notes on the back of your ambulance in order to prevent people from parking too close”.

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