WATCH: Woman Falls Into Restaurant Swimming Pool After Buying Most Expensive Dish On The Menu

Morale HQ has been advised of a morale failure that was experienced by a woman who fell into a restaurants swimming pool, having just purchased the most expensive dish on the menu.

In the footage (below) the lady can be seen casually looking for a seat whilst holding a plate full of gourmet food in the 5* restaurant.

As the hungry citizen scans the horizon for a decent place to sit, she fails to notice that she is walking towards an uncovered swimming pool that is placed directly in the middle of the restaurant.

The woman might appear to be walking slowly, but in reality, our morale analysts have just slowed the footage down for your viewing pleasure.

You will clearly see the moment that the lady slowly places her foot onto the uncovered swimming pool in full view of other diners.

After the lady completely disappears under the water, her food can be seen to float off into the distance.

Thankfully, another lady then comes over to help the woman who had fallen into the pool, but her expensive food could not be saved.

Efforts are now underway to try and find the person who left the swimming pool in the middle of the restaurant and our morale agents have been given the wet lady appropriate support.

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