Husband Hospitalised After Wife Sticks Picture Of His Lover To Watermelon

Our highly technical morale monitoring equipment detected that a male citizen endured an epic morale failure after opening his fridge to see what he thought was the head of a woman who he had been having an affair with.

In fact, the adulterer’s wife had found a picture of the woman he had been seeing behind her back and so decided to glue it to a watermelon before putting it in their fridge.

The wife had also ‘touched up’ the watermelon with some makeup in order to try and make it look as realistic as possible.

And she did a great job.

The watermelon remained in the fridge until the husband came home from work, not knowing that his wife had found his secret.

Apparently, the husband required treatment in hospital after he lost consciousness having spotted the ‘melon head’ when he went to get some Bud Lights from the fridge.

The wife has since been nominated for an Oscar owing to her stunning special effects and make-up which she lovingly and so meticulously performed on the melon.

Thankfully, the husband made a full recovery and the three of them (minus the melon) have decided to move in with each other and are now living a harmonious life in the countryside.

It has been reported that the husband continues to suffer from both a fear of watermelons and a fear of fridges.

The image also highlights just why you should regularly defrost your freezer.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“It’s great news that the three of them have managed to come together and are now living in the countryside and also that the husband made a full recovery after the shock.

“At this moment in time, we do not know the whereabouts of the melon so are advising citizens to be careful when dogging, just in case they come across it and end up suffering a morale failure themselves”.

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